Are they authentic antiques?

Yes. The description is accurate and we guarantee they are unique and individual pieces. If it is a reproduction we will state that in the product description. Refurbished is how we describe the condition, it means it’s an antique and an original product. You are going to receive a beautiful product you will be happy to display in your home.

We have a team of traditionally trained and schooled in antique furniture restoration. They are the same team who construct the individual shipping crates.

Do they come with a certificate of authenticity?

For some products we are able to supply certification. You must understand that we source these products from all over Europe, other sellers or estate sales and they don’t always have the paperwork. We trust our purchasers and they have proven expertise in acquiring beautiful and top quality antiques.

If the furniture doesn’t fit my expectations in size or dimensions can I return it?

No, we are sorry for the inconvenience but we supply accurate dimensions and descriptions so please measure your space before you make your order.

If i’m interested in a product are more photos available?

Yes. We are currently uploading more photos per piece. If you find one you like, let us know and we will send you more detailed photos.

If I wish to call you, what time zone are you in?

We are located in central Europe, Czech republic. We are 6 hours ahead of EST and 9 hours ahead of PST.

The person I spoke on the phone with didn’t sound European?

That is correct, we two are from United kingdom and from Canada. We have been located in Prague for a number of years and have decided to bring an opportunity to those that cant find true antique fine furnishings in their regions.

Do you outsource?

Yes, if you have a specific piece in mind you don’t see on our site and would like us to source that for you, please contact us we are able to do it. Clocks, mirrors and lamps are popular requests.